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The backroom battle for Canada's climate future
How Newfoundland is becoming a green hydrogen hotbed

Corporate Knights, April 2024

The urban tree revolution that's underway in North America

Corporate Knights, April 2024

How Big Oil's spin doctors are influencing influencers

Corporate Knights, January 2024

How green the MBA

Corporate Knights, November  2023

The ascent of the activist accountant
Meet the man calling out Big Tech's climate hypocrisy
Welcome to the circular city

Corporate Knights, April 2023

BASF quietly lobbies against strong climate policy while talking a big game

Corporate Knights, January 2023

How one company cut more carbon than any other on the planet

Corporate Knights, October 2022

Women lead the most sustainable cities
Is geothermal energy finally seeing the light of day?

Corporate Knights, March 2022

Lusatia the Green

Corporate Knights, January 2022

Tamara Vrooman is banking on change

Corporate Knights, April 2021

Green recovery can build solidarity, if done right

Corporate Knights, September 2020

A holly, jolly Christmas - while the planet burns
Should we bury nuclear waste near the Great Lakes?

Cottage Life, May 2015

Israel’s fountain of youth

Corporate Knights, March 2015

Raising a greener glass

Corporate Knights, June 2014

Debating population

Corporate Knights, December 2013


Urban Issues

Urban Issues

Welcome to the circular city

Corporate Knights, April 2023

Women lead the most sustainable cities
Toronto's measures to prevent pedestrian deaths have fallen short

The Globe and Mail, November 2021

SUVs are killing the planet - and pedestrians

The Globe and Mail, December 2019

Why did our children stop walking to school?

The Globe and Mail, October 2019

Doug Ford: Moving Toward What?
A lesson in homelessness

The Globe and Mail, November 2018

Lord of the Flies on Wheels

The Globe and Mail, November 2018

Kids in Public Transit - Who could object to that?

The Globe and Mail, September 2017

What is a fit penalty when a driver takes a pedestrian’s life?

The Globe and Mail, December 2016

Why the SUV mentality needs to change

The Globe and Mail, November 2015

Slow Down

Toronto Life, May 2015


School boards are not innocent in the social media crisis
No really: Hold the Phone

The Globe and Mail, January 2024

Hold the Phone

The Globe and Mail, September 2023

Podcast: smartphone use is out of control

The Big Story, October 2023

The fallacy of inclusion in schools
Why Canada’s corporal punishment law misses the mark

The Globe and Mail, January 2023

Educational assistants deserve a living wage
The June opt-out 
The lesser evil that are masks
The emptiness of school board "equity"

The Globe and Mail, November 2021

A pandemic hangover: screens take the classroom

The Globe and Mail, August 2021

Technology is killing education

The Globe and Mail, November 2020

No child left behind

The Globe and Mail, September 2020

Home school: lessons from a pandemic
Doug Ford's government: for which people?

The Globe and Mail, January 2020

When did recess become a problem?

The Globe and Mail, February 2019

Size matters in education

The Globe and Mail, January 2019

Doug Ford is failing on the education file

 The Globe and Mail, August 2018

The problem of absent teachers
The digital classroom gets failing marks
Our kids face real dangers – cartwheels and pizza aren’t among them

The Globe and Mail, September 2017

There's nothing optional about phys ed

The Globe and Mail, September 2017

Why do French Immersion, if it means more tutoring?
Report cards are failing parents and their kids
Lunchtime Lunacy

The Globe and Mail, November 2016

Banning cartwheels: what’s the point of recess with no fun?

The Globe and Mail, October 2015

Could WiFi in schools be harming our kids?
The Anti-Nut Nutiness

The Globe and Mail, February 2014



Parenting / Childcare
At the breaking point
Trick or treat, no matter what

The Globe and Mail, October 2020

Mothering during a pandemic
Abduction: a parent's worst nightmare
Why I don’t shield my kids from the news

Today's Parent, September 2017.

The Story of Us was not a failure: ask my kids
Has Old-fashioned fun been trumped by fears of injury and liability?
Shelf the Elf!

The Globe and Mail, December 2015

Sometimes there are monsters under your bed

This was first heard on the Doc Project, CBC Radio, September 2015

Best Summer Ever

Cottage Life, July 2015

Take my kids, please!

Toronto Life, September 2012
National Magazine Award nomination



Meddling billionaires

Corporate Knights, October 2015

The Rich-Giving Paradox

Corporate Knights, January 2014

Our Home & Native Land

Our Home and Native Land

Return to Tremblant

Ski Canada, November 2023

The last flight of Ariel V

Cottage Life, August 2023

Far from Home

Chatelaine, November 2017

Digital Publishing Award nomination

Canadians don’t know how to vacation
Oh Christmas Tree

The Globe and Mail, December 2017

Canada's two-tiered refugee system

The Globe and Mail, December 2017

Front Lines, Home Fires

Cottage Life , Summer 2015

International Regional Magazine Award nomination

Bin ich schön?
Dispatches from Germany

Dispatches from Germany

The Conscience of a Nation

National Post,November 2014

If music can’t change the world, maybe film can
Canadians come out strong at Berlinale

The Globe and Mail, February 2009

Procreative Prenzlauer Berg

Spiegel Online, August 2008

Who’s the Papa? Papers, please
Berlinale Bust or Buzz?

Spiegel Online, February 2008

Let There Be Light

The Walrus, December 2007

Get off my swing set, Grandma!
Ich bin ein (hammered) Berliner
All eyes are trained on Enemy

The Globe and Mail, February 2007

Requiem for Bruno: We bearly knew him

 The Globe and Mail, July 2006

Visitor becomes unbearable

The Walrus, June 2006

The medium is English

Sign and Sight, May 2006

Portman storms the Berlinale

 The Globe and Mail, February 2006

Behind the Tent

The Walrus, February 2006

The Sound of Music

CBC Dispatches in December 2005.

Phillip Earl of Hessen meets the Fast Runner

CBC Dispatches in January 2005.

The sound of Snow in Berlin
All eyes are trained on Enemy

The Globe and Mail, February 2001

Love under Hitler

The Globe and Mail, January 2001

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