The post-pandemic classroom should not be based around screens


The pandemic must not become disaster capitalism’s moment in the classroom, when we are hoodwinked into believing that education is best delivered through machines.


Globe and Mail, Aug 2021


Halloweening during a pandemic


Might we be able to rein in our little Elsas and Fart Clouds; to encourage them to wait their turn, approach single file, and take one, not 12?


Globe and Mail, Oct 2020

Best Summer Ever


There's no small irony in the fact that, while we love them to death, we're depriving our children of one of the richest aspects of our own childhoods: freedom.


Cottage Life, July 2015

‘Please Take Us Back To Iraq’: A Yazidi Family’s Traumatic First Days In Canada


The Dasni family survived unspeakable horrors in Iraq. When they arrived in Toronto last year, they had nothing: no money, no English and only a vague idea of where Canada was on a map. 

Chatelaine, December 2017

Nominated for Digital Publishing Award 2018

Israel's Fountain of Youth


Having distinguished itself in the realm of high tech, Israel is now turning its entrepreneurial attention to renewable energy. 

Corporate Knights, Spring 2015

Canadian schools must put more emphasis on physical education and get kids moving


Schools need to stop considering physical activity a fun distraction from the serious business of academic work and recognize that it is essential to learning.

The Globe and Mail, September 2017


A Parent's Nightmare


Your spouse abducts your children to another country and the government is in no rush to help

The Globe and Mail, April 2019

Front Lines, Home Fires


In the early 1940s, the distant battlefields of Europe and the sunny shores of cottage country were closer than they seemed.

Cottage Life,  Summer 2015

Nominated for Best Essay, International Regional Magazine Association 2016

The digital classroom can really fail


The videos that my son’s Grade 4/Grade 5 French-immersion class were watching – projected from the classroom laptop onto a whiteboard – were episodes of children’s animated television series, such as Peppa Pig or Caillou, redubbed with misogynist, anti-Semitic and racist text and intercut with endorsements of guns, marijuana and junk food. 

The Globe and Mail, May 2018

TRISH MCALASTER-Playground Drawing.png

The home and school association


Toronto kindergartners learn a real-life lesson about homelessness

The Globe and Mail, November 2018

Why I don’t shield my kids from the news


There’s a prevailing belief in our culture that the innocence of childhood is sacred and must be preserved at all costs.

I don’t agree.

Today's Parent, August 2017

The compelling case for forcing Toronto’s drivers to slow down


Toronto’s roads are the most perilous in the country for pedestrians. The solution is simple, smart and anathema to an already gridlocked city: make drivers slow down.

Toronto Life, May 2015



Once upon a time, there was a beautiful German potato by the name of Linda. Her parents, Clivia and Hansa, were established sorts who had been married by the plant breeder Friedrich Böhm. In 1974, at the age of ten, Linda was granted an official listing as a German potato, and she went on to thrive in the sandy soils of northern Germany.

The Walrus, June 2006

Take my Kids, Please!


When I moved back to Toronto from Berlin, a newly single mom, my first order of business was finding good, affordable childcare for my two boys. What I discovered was a daycare system on the verge of collapse.

Toronto Life, September 2012

Nominated for National Magazine Award 2013